Surf fishing is catching fish standing on the shoreline or wading in the surfsurf zone.

Usually you cast a lure or bait from beaches, rock, or fishing piers. Surfcasting or beachcasting is done from the beach by casting into the surf at or near the shoreline. With few exceptions, surf fishing is done in saltwater. Well if you have a big lake I guess it counts too.

So what you need?

The rod should be quite big in sense of long and it should at least hold 100g in casting weight. Reason is simple, you want to cast far.

The line can be mono or braided depending on what fish etc. you go for. The strenth can vary. Personally I prefer oversizeing my braided line a little so I am sure I get the catch. Of course a thicker line is seen more easily by your prey. Can be something between 15 and 80 kg. (80 for the tuna 😉 )

The rheel is a casting rheel. I use quite big ones with a breaking power of at least 7 kg.

Sounds funny but make sure:

  • don`t forget to let go
  • don´t forget to check the rheel is open BEFORE throwing
  • check your surrounding
  • check your rheel
  • fix the bait well

The bait/lure… both works. Depending on the fish you go for. Usally I use a rig with a sinker in front then on the sidarms a hook with a bait, a swivel and then the mainline. You can also use several hooks along the sidearms of your rig of course. It should be not longer then 2m. your target is to present the bait above the ground.

you cast (usually) as far as you can. Then you let it sink to the bottom. Afterwards rheel it in for a little bit, just enough so the line is straight. Place your rod in a fixed position (holder, tree, etc.) and keep it like that. you gain 2 advantages: your bait is presented well and because there is a little bit tention on the rod you will see when a fish grabs it!