Kite fishing is catching fish via a line and lure that was carried out via kite.

Suitable kites are usually simple ones. Modern kitefishing is popular in New Zealand, where large delta kites of synthetic materials are used to fish from beaches taking a line and hooks far out past the breakers. Kite fishing also affords fisherman the opportunity to fish more than one line.

Example 1 (clamp release)

The kite will be mounted to one line and after ca. 20m or more out in the wind you mount a sidearm with a clamp at the end. to the clamp you attach the line with the baits in front. slowly you let the kite out further, it drags the other line with the baits with it. once you reached the place where you going to fish you can either just wait for the fish to bite (surface). Or you can pull on the fishing line so the line is released from the clamp, and sinks to the bottom.

So what you need?

FIRST you need a mainline for the kite. the kite is ideally without hard parts (softkite). the line should be at least 20% longer than where you want to fish=spooled fishing line. You can take a spool or just another rod/line connected to the kite.

The rod should be  at least hold 200g in casting weight an dshould be able to hold big weights.

The line can be braided simply because you tend to have a long distance and braided lines tend to be thinner and you can spool on more. Depending on where you fish (lake/sea) it should hold enough for the target fish. To give you an idea I use braided 60k line also because you can more likely retrieve when you get stuck with the stones.

The rheel is multiroll/trolling or baicaster (long). I use breaking power of at least 7 kg.

Why would you use such complicated setups?


  • the baits float totally free, no boat or equipment distrcting shy fish
  • the Kite can help you get over wave barriers you otherwise can not pass
  • It extends your reach from beach to as long as your line is!


Sounds funny but make sure:

  • don`t forget to let go
  • don´t forget to check the rheel is open BEFORE throwing
  • check your surrounding
  • check your rheel
  • fix the bait well

Example 2

The bait/lure… both works. Depending on the fish you go for. Best might be to use a rig with a sinker in front then on the sidarms a hook with a bait, a swivel and then the mainline. You can also use several hooks along the sidearms of your rig of course. It should be not longer then 2m. your target is to present the bait above the ground.

The kite does the work for you but it can be hard to combine and take care of all of the things todo so if you can get a companion. once you released the bait you let it sink to the bottom. Afterwards rheel it in for a little bit, just enough so the line is straight. Place your rod in a fixed position (holder, tree, etc.) and keep it like that. you gain 2 advantages: your bait is presented well and because there is a little bit tention on the rod you will see when a fish grabs it!